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image2RR Logistics is a Thai company which all shareholders are Thais.   The business is under the concept of Thai Logistic Services Provider Company.   With rapid development in communication today the company has developed network agents in various countries.  This is to ensure that the goods arrive safe and sound at its assigned destination.

The network agent will have to work under the company terms and conditions and hands on supervision.  The network agent has to have high level of service standard.  Be able to assist customers to find appropriate solutions to their problems.  Their services providing to customers would have to be as if there were done by RR Logistics with financial stability.

The company has network agent in almost every part of the work and they have been with the company since 2003.
- In Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia.
- In Europe: Italy, England, Ireland.
- In Middle East: Dubai, Isarael etc.

Under UFO organization ( Universal Freight Organization) more than 85 country who is well recognized organization. UFO has been established for 10 years and it's now situation in UK. UFO only selects one network agent representative per one country and RR Logistics is one of UFO member.


Visit our Member website I    Agent List (pdf file 160kb.)


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