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Company Profile

logoRR Logistics was established on 1st January 2003.  The main purpose was to build a commercial servicing business in logistics industry by acting as transportation representative which has maintained as a core business area of the company until today.  At the beginning, the company only acted as a point of contact between exporters and importers in dealing with shipping Ocean Freight and airfreight compound with customs for imported and exported goods.  Today, the company has grown and developed in order to provide full service circle in logistics industry.  We are the right choice to support business owners in import-export industry.


welcome2Why RR Logistics?

In addition to the high level of service which includes after sales service the company also provides advice of useful and up to date information of market movement, currency movement etc. This assists customers in saving their time in research and costs.

RR Logistics and Its Principles

First R is Reliability. Customers will receive highest level of service, trust and commitment as business partner, not only in transportation charges.  As a result, at present, approximately 50 companies who are our current customers are both high profile exporters and business entrepreneur in import and export industry.

Second R is Responsibility. As a transportation representative we are highly responsible in ensuring smooth transportation and satisfaction of goods from the sender to the receiver. However if there is any out of control damages the company will also represent the customers in order to claim for compensation and responsible personnel.